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Artist Statement

My goal is to transform used (tattered) textiles into wearables that are thought provoking, aesthetically pleasing, and flattering to wear. For example, I manipulate recycled wool sweater fiber using a combination of felting, dyeing, and sewing techniques. Loosely woven wool fiber is condensed when agitated and becomes stronger and stiffer, therefore, conducive to the creation of hats and gloves. During the process, the melding of fibers results in new colors, textures, and shapes, and design ideas evolve, thus, I, "Tame the Tattered" by transforming recycled textiles into pieces of art-to-wear.

I am concerned about the impact of waste upon our environment, especially plastic. I use recycled textiles that are of high-quality natural plant or animal fiber (mostly wools) as my raw materials. To my surprise I've found that using these materials is giving me a chance to experiment with the substance and characteristics of the most common, as well as obscure, unusual, and unique fibers.


Sources for more information about "Fast Fashion" and the textile industry:       (watch out for sound on this one)

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